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Only two full burrito because kevin i shared one wow out of fun. Wow great great great review go ahead. Given mine is in two different. I was so pleasantly surprised by the kelly burrito it was bigger than i thought the ingredients just seemed like doc fresher and so much more well prepared than at a taco bell or a different mexican fast food chain restaurant. That alone was a five to to me the the tacos. I i have similar feeling of like. I'm not a huge hardshell they weren't they definitely weren't bad. I think when we're eating it i said like the burrito amazing the tacos they're fine and the nachos was definitely didn't blow my mind but i think we modified probably a lot of the better tasting stuff off of it. Yeah definitely have helped <hes>. I wanna say i originally wanted to say four four but as i say it out loud i now gravitate to. I can do three point seven five right. That's three you wouldn't but you can't okay. They'll do three and a half kevin. No here's spite no fuck you. I should say for like as a vegan. I should be promoting as much like vegan option stuff as possible the <hes> is it crazy though that it's it is wild having a five and then have it is wild having something. That's crazy that you saw. Let's say with pride the burrito sorry. I interrupted whispered into the floors mine just to say that's crazy. Yes that's crazy. There you go with that performance. I'm back at a four elliott all right. I'll go pitch close it out because i think my my score is going to be predictable so here was part of my experience with the santa monica del taco which is outstanding del taco. I frequent it all the time. It's it's it's it's great in their unfortunately why walked in it smelled very bad. I texted you song. I think someone puked in this del. Taco smells awful awful and they saw the dude mopping-up dining anyway but it's unpleasant so i got stuck it out and i ate my meal there. Despite its smelling a lot like puke and then the guy the the worker who i think it was maybe his first day because he was kind of like us. He was like very antsy and didn't know the other employees names and they like he was tasked with mopping it not like he apologized to me like like i'm like i'm sorry about the smeltzer he was great. The workers there were very good but it was just a it was an unfortunate situation that i think they couldn't control <hes> some fucking freak puked on the floor and then walked out of there but anyway so he's so that was the only thing i was battling that said the food was great and i really enjoyed it and get there. I've gotten there beyond tacos before. I'll get it when i feel like i'll have whole days or or you know periods where i was like. I'm just eating vegetarian right now and so i'll do that as an indulgence and the beyond on taco in particular i think is is outstanding. They have a lot of other things dishwasher fitness. Okay that's good news. I heard it beeping yeah just in time just time for the four for to give out very exciting also that guy who just finished finish cleaning mopping-up puke yeah and then like after you left he he's like. I'm done like mop-up southern grocer like i fucking nut it under the table. That's what i was trying to say is that you nodded in there and he's like man. I've had a rough day and then you policy and then when you leave you've there's been a lot of that has to clean out a fucking blast witness and booth at del taco like a fucking animal you you love that place become boy..

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