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Alex Wood, Rockies, Dodgers discussed on Drive Time Sports M


The dodgers rotation makes that dodgers rotation seem very beatable even though alex wood has like a one point nothing era and and everyone's pre much dealing in that rotation without curse shot feels different so not saying the rockies get back into this thing i'm just saying that they're the greyhounds in all of a sudden they think that the rabbit is more catchable it's not they're never going to catch him but they kinda feel that way and that's a powerful motivator so if you're looking for the impact on with the curse shy injury the rockies won't play the dodgers before kershaw comes back and the dodgers are still going to maintain but it makes them seem less invincible and maybe that keeps sparking the rockies forward here's the here comes the bad part and want to give you a bad part and then a neutral part the bad part is as my colleague across from me wheels pointed out rockies on espn tonight taking out a cardinals the rockies were on espn radio we're all very aware of this on june twenty i we carried the game sixteen to five dbacks maktum around june 26 there on espn tv they lost nine two tuesday the giants now they lost a lot of games in that area by this team hasn't fared well when they've gotten some sort of a national spotlight so hopefully that will change antonio sends the tele speaking of which goes for his eleven th win tonight in st louis and then the neutral thing the iraqis have made a trade raise your hand if you've heard of will lamb well that's who the rockies have just acquired from the chicago white sox yes the team that has traded every valuable piece apparently has no more valuable pieces will lambah traded to the rocky sees 26yearold left the guy who has bounced around a little i guess bounced around but he fell out of favour with the rangers who drafted him you know that's the same old song and dance for colorado teams right change of scenery guy but anyway lambah was selected a within the first two rounds of the mlb draft he has a recent bigleague level yet he is split time between the double ain't aaa level compiling and five point nine two era owen one record and one save so uh yes fire up the.

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Alex Wood, Rockies, Dodgers discussed on Drive Time Sports M

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