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Swims. We're a little bit and then comes back. He puts the entire suit back on. He doesn't get nude well. I wish now i know all right when he when he fucking sleeps in that sewer and then he comes back up. The suit is all on-again. Hey man. It's okay to let the thai go yeah it. It dries fast too right yeah for natural. This creepy stuff happening this island. He commandeered the bike which is fantastic. You're off the pike. Get off the bike and then he pulls a gun on this step away from the it'll get there one point five times times faster. I'm gonna put a gun at you. It gets back to the end. He punches sister beach lille s._e. Comes in and he kicks her. It's like she flies against the wall and cracks all the pictures they ever kill bill fight at nowhere. It's like what are you talking about. How's that she's punching. She's taking punches giving them back to him. There's some bad post production work here because she jumps on his back and there's is like i swear to god like a tiger growls like heinous high pitch noise before the kick though oh a chop to the throat yeah save something for kilby volume to tell just to wait. It's just way too fucking stupid again. That's what people want things. There's all kinds of stupid insect jokes. Make steve. Please stupid stupid because this one woman had everyone else has like just like your regular the old mosque garage masks but this woman takes it really far as entirely full bear costume glenda come on. You're showing us all up here well. There's a real confounding conversation between her and like the dock lady because the dock ladies referring to murdering during the pilot and she's like oh hey sister what's her. What's the bear lady's name. She's like hey sister bear lady. I thing we talked about and she's like oh good and then this lady's like show is a you'll be getting back into your bear costume again. She's like yes once again to which this woman goes as soon. You're just going to be a family of bears fucking you're talking about. It's a fat joke at our expense if you let your bear costume out again this year and she's she's like come on man. We'll sister barry. Posture herself goes every year. This gets a little tighter. I'm self conscious enough. I'm address like a bear. I don't need to be a fat bear. The best thing about this bear costume is it looks like the masturbating bear from the it does one hundred percent. They wind up. He's finally at the festival. The spin doctors cancelled this year. A real bummer sister hazel pulled. They would fit vince oh well. You would have been perfect. Spin doctors pulled out because that dude had been dead for twenty five years. I think he's alive spin-doctors actress. Who am i thinking of going to be alice jane well that dude's definitely did kurt cobaine. That dude's definitely did who else is dead. People people i'm thinking of the dude from the blind melon oh right because of the because that would have been great in the bay should have played that dude's definitely been dead for twenty years in the doctor spin in the be hotter spin thing in the in the hotel room there. The third door should have been the blind melon video like you're gonna be all right in there dancing exactly but like she's all grown up and it's like oh this is just sad and he kind of closes the door you think she ever pulled all that out like a halloween. Oh for sure. I feel like the move. Is you just never talk about it or you talk about. You can't do it ever again the the never mind baby that do talk about it all. That's like naked in pools so he pulls up to other conventions. Hey you put a dollar in that pool. We'll all go grab it gary. Do your pool trig convention yeah. It's like the parking lot of the rock and roll hall of fame. Get your picture with john popper seventy one dollars. It's called pony tail gating yup. Now it's dumb..

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