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Air place for when I want to get our friends in the army on but I just realized we're gonna run into a break here I want to hear him in full so come back on the flip side fire the same one stay with us expect heavy thunderstorms around the area this evening cloudy after midnight overnight low dips about sixty seven number tomorrow as we start the weekend scattered thunderstorms in the morning clouds in the afternoon in a chance of thunderstorms popping up with a high around eighty two Sunday scattered thunderstorms are still around the area eighty five that continues right on into Monday thunderstorms developing during the afternoon Monday and one up to ninety two I'm Fred Rosser weather channel to talk radio six eighty WCBS George for with different extremist organizations hi Jack that is not serving the greater good please keep it here talk radio sixty W. C. B. M. hi I'm attorney Steven free as many of you know the law offices of Michael Friedman have been representing injured victims of auto accidents and other negligent acts for over thirty five years over the years we have learned that what really matters to our clients is getting back to health and resuming their lives our goal was to handle the obstacles that might prevent or slow down the recovery process.

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