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For you on this game. You played in big games all from college up until now, but what is on the line? And it says the play for the ultimate prize for you. What will this week be like as you prepare for this next game? I'm gonna turn up on nuts. You know, we have to this game. And then there's the Super Bowl, and we had to get there for the older guys any for everybody on the same. Marshon Lattimore with a pair of interceptions in the win over the eagles and the saints hang on for the twenty to fourteen victory as they advanced to a matchup with the Rams. They'll host the Rams for the championship. Saints hanging on to beat Philly in the AFC the patriots throttle. The chargers and the patriots earned a rematch with the chiefs at Arrowhead ESPN. Patriots reporter, Mike Reese Zubin I spent some time with Julian Edelman in the locker room after the game. And he turned to music to describe his mindset he said as Bob Seger said. Turn the page. So here they are these patriots on the road. Again. This time the Kansas City Kansas that a hell of a year. You know, we we can handle and was that October November. I'm sure it'd be the same tough game. They're well coached offense. Play well defensively against the colts. And that's gonna be a lot of fun to go back there and plan plan the championship game. And try to advance doesn't matter what we did you know during the regular season. It's going to be about what we do on on next Sunday. And put our best foot forward. Play patriot football. I'm all in right now. We got the Kansas City Chiefs. Now, it's going to be another week of preparation. Just gotta go all in. I keep our folks and keep on doing. We gotta do. I gotta keep on doing. What I gotta do to help this team out to win next week. I mean, there is number one see so they deserve their best thing. So. Goes well coach a lot of explosive players. What a tremendous game with them here earlier. So that was a long time ago. So we'll see where we are now. So we're there another thing that Julian Edelman told me he said, we're the underdogs this week. I'm going to jump on that train and ride it Philo receiver Philip door set. He said that nobody believes us. They would take a cue from what Tom Brady had said after the game. But he said we believe in ourselves. And when you have a group that believes in themselves special things can happen. Patriots going to their eighth straight conference championship match-up in they're playing the underdog cards. Sportscenter allnight, ESPN radio. College hoops, the run continues for the Warren's final.

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