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Bob kendrick i remember the negro league museum president we had out a way cool willie was so amazing that when he found out that we were the kansas city monarchs he talked about hitting offer settle paging told a story that incredible story probably worth retailing right now if you haven't heard it so bob kendrick's the prison the negro league museum in kansas city if anybody has never been you've gotta go it's one of the greatest experiences ever and he came out to and shed at a second time i've done this in two weeks shut out to peter goldmark remote i literally who arranged to have him come speak to our kids to explain the monarch to explain the homestay grace and now i brought bob two jim davenport's funeral and willie mays was there and we were gatward the mario that bob wanted to meet willie and you know willie's willie man you've got to be careful with e they don't want people inundating him so so morris and let me get back to you and then he came up to he just take the elevator down to the second floor willie's waiting we go down there's willie in the gulf cart with his handler and he's is so happy to see by that voices so if i'd love cutter caves legally busy all there and and then he goes to what's going on here where we do it what it and he said well came out to speak to this young man he's coach coaching the kansas city monarchs and he looked at me willie squint again at the monarchs i said yeah he said i remember pull them on actual first time i've i've faced such a pace while i was sixteen years old komo first time of i got a good pitch to hit i had a double off i felt pretty good a vet next time i came up he threw three fastballs onetwothree right pass mainly said now go if that little bore that's a google i recall that story that lam cool what are you gonna say right there what do you do yeah uh little league baseball welldirected this has happened by the way so satchel was like kinda just screwing around the first day venus oh you want to play.

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