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I want to welcome to the show Also pretty intense guy good guy Joe Kent running for Congress in the fantastic beautiful state of Washington in the third district Joe welcome to the show Hey Dan thanks so much for having me on Of course so Joe I've seen you on cable news often I've been dying to get you on as we want to focus in the midterm elections on good candidates around the country and we feel it's our responsibility to use this platform to highlight them I mean the same things were done for me So we saw you and I'm like we gotta get this joke Anthony And one of the things that reminded me to get you on the show was you would put out you had a YouTube channel which you know any sensible candidate would you want all platforms Get your material on And YouTube decided to come after you because you are a truth teller And what are they ban your account to strike you at what happened there Yeah we had a couple days of back and forth with YouTube So we woke up one morning just uploaded some content and found that our whole channel had been deleted and we got the email I posted the screenshot of that said that we had violated their community terms of service They didn't give us any specific incident We appealed kind of went back and forth in a couple of days later We got our channel reinstated They stated that because of appearances I had on Steve Bannon's show in particular that they had taken down some of my videos and that was one strike against me So a couple of days later something similar happened to Terry Schilling of the American family's project that cited his appearance as Steve Bannon as well So there's some sort of a theme there

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