Demarcus Walker, Broncos, Peyton Manning discussed on The Ringer NFL Show - GM Street Elway's Broncos, a Giant Minicamp, and Shake-ups in Washington (Ep. 111)


And even the descends me worms talking about the offense woes decent itself immune there was some stories coming out of the denver post that you know brazil brennan marshalls big part of the defence you know has a sore achilles they're trying to the basi said the defense's in reset mode they're trying to find guys to plug in and figure out what with the with the future futuristic them obviously they had the town with von miller and that's you know that says enough when you have a guy like dad that can get past rush for you but the loss of wade phillips in that transition since that super bowl i mean it's it just seems like a lot of things are kinda up in the air and even on defense they don't even have the answers yet which is not a good place ryan if you're the denver broncos right robert grief look what are they have have great stripe coming bond miller's bid to block what iraq after all job january forbid to block one news russian a path through all the time and and when you have to endure offense those who scored touchdowns like you pointed out that all of a sudden the strength of what that defense does which is play mantoman on the back and uncover and rushed to pass or is no longer they have team round the football effectively on denver last year now they didn't have movie jackson inside so they drafted guys to come in there they you know they drafted demarcus walker to help plug the middle to give them a little bit more size they signed pico from cincinnati bengals they need more size inside but the reality here is if if the offense can extend the lead in play from in front which peyton manning always did then the highlight of the broncos defence which is the rushers can't really come off and i think that the thing about denver's i don't wanna hear anybody say well they had a great september the key for denver is going to be can and door november in december do they have enough depth and they have enough quality players to fill in in can they challenged the raiders and can they challenge the chiefs and can they challenged the charter's i just don't see it.

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