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Get to the tremendous on having a guest in studio keeps you in New York City cooking for them as we hear about their journey but we can learn from them and their experiences. They would love to share. Now is the first episode of the EPA table abroad. That's right they were doing a first. One outside of the kitchen am pleased to have a tremendous guest. Dan Robinson Chef and one of the fantasy of the three blue dogs under down is where some time. Obviously being shifted Stri-. I know some people that you want to be inspired blind and this man is just these alleged he and the boys of the three docks have put together really awesome brand. They're really help on the stand. Where food comes from begins assign ability. They started the very first then. Shah the back pot of Bronze E. three docks out scouts who now pham multiple different establishments. I'm doing what I love and really want to educate people. He more bat down. What he's doing. And what the Brandon. Three we doing in general Side fortunate to film this on the fom of where the BARN BY LOCATION IS INSANE. That yes you'll get some fun noise in the background including some resources. Maybe some cattle and some tractors said that'd be surprised to hear the versus but obviously yes. They might be some tractors going on plays. Enjoy an awesome episode of the PODCAST. The first one at saw teaching down Roberson Chef in one of the founders of the very well established three dogs. Welcome to the podcast much. My this is an exciting for me. A couple of reasons. Firstly I get to hang out on beautiful porsches at the farm I tossed in York City. Really maybe this is disappointing by the beautiful farm. Here in Bombay These tractors going on the background. John Jewish how to look at and say a number of different forms. That you somehow the web. We'd throw no the farmers very well which is really cool gentle so before we go into tonight all WanNa speak further about you and how you walk. I saw you obviously from Australia. From London. Sporting hitching office shit. I was only there for a few months. And then we went down to the see-saw temple deal folkston cancer. Very it's the South East of England. That my dad was in the fall season the and he was actually cook as well. So it and that's what. I was studying at school to be. A photographer was washing up. In what local could John? And then I was missing the Secret Restaurant Chefs. Basically let me. Why a read that as many ships mudge innovation just because these black and white rainy photos and it was quite iconic. It's on religious. Decided they're going to become a chef and that's it that was it. Well we say yeah then. What and so. I won't so two French ships. It was only the old school on a French ship in culinary school daily so I stayed at. This restaurant remains nameless because he was awful ends up really unhappy unfortunate all the other places great but it was back in his way back in the day. On a billion wasn't uncommon kitchens and Boeing Doda. You talking about the actual pots. Pans thrown Always like theme and like look quite so I'm six days before and the head chef is really short guy and he was just really angry and just didn't it was just shoulder biology's just mind games and like seventeen stuff they just did But it was. It was a lot more accepting back then and luckily the industry's changed location. And soon as I go out with that and then worked in some missions awesome places around with canes and Sussex and I the most important results that place great time. Ns Book looks like the capital. Group are those like the Gods. Have our industry back in. And he was in half the gentlemen and just was the polar opposite for this other guy and was just so generous. This time family man. It was leaving accommodation. You just merced in like six golfers you'd get on the Venison reach. There was a smokehouse got stuck with the herrings. Osama lucky this it was amazing. I actually took bronze looking back holiday experience so I stayed there for a couple years. And and the owner Peter Herbs Eighty six year old English gentlemen and he did sites me during the style of you to get you anywhere in the world and so I stayed there for free and a half years to Susha and then I decided to see needs to have a wedgie. WoN'T EAT HIS WORDS. Lots of work and so it was either. That's the French was number one in the world valley or always Ozzy's move somewhere. Japanese or French Volvo Straightens. They will was helping on about how much I love seat. Knee and back then it was very much. Neil Perry and Tetsu and so I said Oh this Guy Max London worthy Corden french-british Amos was do something completely different slack off into go with these tests. So that was it so you pretty much made a cold and I was a moved here within a month. A bag at my body and it goes gift was God's gift to the culinary world. It was always amazing. Experience missions dog contrast Madison stuff and I go in just like Mahaffy ingredients were Koji. Yes so we in Marion. The Holy Shit really humbling but such import. Move for me now. That's that's it. That's why I've gone from one touch yellow but you've completely changed gears to put in perspective. Everyone when you go from I guess Ed traditionalist would you say British French cuisine to an Asian cuisine particularly Japanese? You're essentially starting all over again like employment. You encyclopedia your ingredients cooking techniques white balance out flyers. So as you didn't really matter where you came from because you have to stop again. Yeah it was interesting. I mean a lot of the as it turned out that there's a lot similarities of techniques. Were French but he was just finishing things instead of letting the UK like everything was finished with butter. It was like okay but yeah whereas its head to. It was about and balancing. You'd finish some lime juice. Settle and I love that is. They've was really elegant. A lot lighter they probably because this climate yep I'm really fresh but I just I instantly over there but normally that just going out on is often going tonight young and go into Italian restaurants and talk and all these other stuff like that blew. My mind is in the UK was just back then. It was fishing ships. Really Bad shawny cycle waste. China is apple worse. Yes so that was. That was incredible so I thought that my plan was to do a year in Australia. Then move to New York But you know it's forty years later. I'm still here. Yeah now you've got a beautiful wife Yes we we buy Thambo. I've of man through the drafts. And she's a woman. I'm Max left a couple of kids and and you've got now five. Is it five five? Isn't it yeah? So we've got a place in with the talks. We've got to Sydney Brisbane. Place on the FOB in Byron Bay. That'd be just about smoking Melvyn in April so they going from I guess. Michelin starred backgrounds by I the British French Zan's then obviously yard going from that Because you also did. What did he do? Some you start on overseas and some awards and was it the competitions. He did tell me I was. I became his. Why Man Short free as head chef? So we did. Certainly we did a lot of Tokyo taste yeah also stuff. We wrote in charge most twenty eight hundred United Canada for me to like a chef. Everything was amazing. Like I was in China so I exit credible amazing experience but they leave the cycle. How are we going to do something else now? Because I'm cooking substantially someone else's food which was amazing. I wasn't challenge myself. But you offer something when you have cooking someone else's because everything's going to be people just go figure out where it's GonNa get rid of the ocean trout. Whatever whatever so. I just traveled for you and I was just doing. The pop scene. Can't really flourish. There was a little Seton Hall.

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