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With Alaska. The last bit of antibiotic. So so you just aren't a three hands said forget it. I'm gonna try to do this on my own. Yeah. Well, there wasn't that. This didn't seem to be that concerned with me. I was just fed up. Yeah. I get that. And they're just saying, you know, there comes a point to with with some physicians, and there's there's what's called standard of treatment are standard of care. And it's in literally some physicians convey dislike robots, it's their. Here's the book. Here's what the physician's desk. Reference says here's what the treatment is. Or it is what it is. And when you ask ten different questions to think outside the box, you just get back. You get there in the headlights. Exactly. Well, I mean, I was taken three different powerful antibiotics in on the on the third. Try. You know, you think you'd hear from like how how are you doing with that? Right. You know, but I didn't hear from. So I know I probably should have called. I can't take this either. With all day, you always want. No matter how frustrated you get they'll they'll do the solid treatment. Just I guess I kind of felt like that was the last. That was the last thing we could try as far as he was concerned. And so I guess I just figured well. The next step was. You know, pursuing some sort of natural. Treatment. There's some things you can do. I'll throw them at you. But I'll tell you this. There's you definitely need to work with the doctor has down. Even if you just say, hey, look, I'm gonna take some time. See if I can work out some things on my own. I'll check back in with the other couple months Novick deal to do that. It's really not. It's it's fine to go that route. So, and that's what I would encourage you to do just so there, you know, she or he so they're in the loop a little bit. But 'cause max. It's a really challenging lung condition. You don't wanna play around with it for sure. But we got to focus on building system. Right now, you want to do something to kill the organism. I mean, even if you could get away with. One of the antibiotics. Through that process. There a short period of time any law eighteen months a long time. It is let me throw some things that you you make the decision on what you wanna do check with your doctor or any guys come up with with a with a protocol. And I'm telling you that clinically when we've seen that we have done the we say the antibiotics work. Well, but we've also say some natural frame, it's work. Well, so so end of the day you want to strengthen the body, and you want to get it to work and fight get the immune system to wear it can fight and you can stay strong. That's gonna cut down the fatigue. It's gonna cut down a lot of the symptoms at your having. I like I onic silver of a big fan. It works. Very well. It's easy for the body to absorb it's one of the best anti antivirals and antibacterial that we have you can combine that with the stragglers stragglers works, very well strong for the immune system. It's great as an antibacterial both of those work well together, and then simple things like vitamin C. Hi. Vitamin C between five and eight thousand milligrams per day. You wanna do a buffer ph as they call it? Vitamin c slot easier on your system, but those were that's a good place to start right there. And then when you're eating every single day even with the bacterial infection because remember it's pushing down your immune system is stretched out your body stretch out your system, you want to do things to build up your immune system in eating the right kind of foods every single day, avoiding inflammation, and that's all in my book empower your health pick that up at any bookstore. I encourage you get started on a couple of those things, and it will it'll start strengthened in the body building up your immune system. And that really is what the goal for you is right now. And I would I would still talk to your doctor. Now, here's another key. You can start using probiotics prebiotics constricting the immune system in a major way and allow your body..

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