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In the reason why it's tricky in horrifying, you know, environmentally that if they're deregulating at just sort of breakneck speed, a not only for capitalistic intent, but also for Armageddon intent that there is this strange marriage, you know, demonic marriage and dove tailing of, you know, late stage capitalism and evangelical Christian eschaton prophecy. And I I guess to capitalists are hedging their bets or they don't give a fuck, but but they're on board. So this weird unification of like radical evangelical end time prophecy baiters and just sort of like, let's make the world free for any kind of business. No matter what had fucking does to the environment. And then we'll fix it. When the time comes maybe don't worry about that. Now, that's sort of nihilistic. And I imagine that the core of a lot of people that may not be religious. Who are you know? Fuck you Trump's to best, you know, fuck regulation. Fuck unions. Fuck the environment. Fuck the new green deal that they're that's the third arm of this momentum. Is that you have, you know, untethered deregulated capitalists, and you have just complete fucking nihilists who don't give a fuck and just want to see it all burn for no reason other than that. And then you have a fairly organized and driven contingent of of Christians who are like, yeah, we'd like it to end for very specific reasons because we've done all we can hear and I'm on one of the good guys. And I'm ready for heaven. Fuck this noise. So that was sort of it. And I think that's a way to sort of frame, the this sort of obsession with right wing Zionism in Israel is that, you know, Pompeo a, yeah, he's he's he's on Jesus. And you know, the the reason in in that framework that Israel is so important is that they've got to get that landing strip cleared. They got it. You know, there's a Temple Mount there's a the dome of the rock is built on it. The temple must be rebuilt in order for Jesus to come back. I believe this is this is the way it goes. I don't have it sitting in front of me. But either way Israel is important to the evangi right because it's got to be stable and good for the landing. The problem is is obviously most rational people are upset about the nihilists frightened for the environment. When it comes to the capitalist and completely terrified because of the religious fanatics. I just wanted to pay a little lip service to the religious fanatics to the prophecy. Fulfillment policy and the evangelical wing of the Trump administration just saying Hello put that in your head roll it around. It's all connected. Okay. Sweet. So listen Phoebe Robinson is she's got a podcast called so many.

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