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That platform to speak out uh i really can't say because the majority has decided to conduct itself in a very unilateral way it doesn't let us know who they're bringing in or when we get minimal noticed of these things so if the republicans are getting just as aggressive as the demo croats in opposing these claims of executive privilege isn't this an aboutface on the russia investigation because i mean we have the republicans basically been trying to kill the investigation i wouldn't you know declare the should have out face as a general matter it's only an about face visavis one witness steve bannon who appears to be on everybody's list at the ball but they're not bringing attorney general back to answer the question she refused to answer the not bringing don jr back if this point to get him to answer the question she refused to answer he was asked about his conversation with his father that led to that false statement about the trump tower meeting after he refused to answer asserting attorneyclient privilege when neither he nor his father is an attorney or quiet here california representative adam schiff the top democrat on the house intelligence committee thanks very much thank you let me tell you now about the death of a serbian politician from kosovo his name was oliver ivanovich he's someone we used to hear from on the show back when kosovo regularly in the news after the us led a nato intervention in 1999 two days ago event of its was gunned down on his way to work in metro vita that's a city in kosovo that's divided between the serb minority in the north and the albanian majority in the south it's still a tense place nineteen years after the war in kosovo valerie hopkins is a journalist who covers the balkans and she says ivanovich was considered a moderate serbian voice in kosovo someone who called for dialogue he's muchbeloved die the foreign diplomats foreign journalists and and many a political figures in kosevo who you know say that he was a man who was very easy to make compromises with that he was very flexible that he understood that actually because of a serbs in kosovo albanians were not that different from one another worry ver very similar in mind mindset but that.

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