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One hundred or above eighty degrees Coming up you Dallas Cowboys report with, Brad. Sham they lost another preseason game but we're talking practice to beer delivery guy's in Saint Paul Minnesota we're out on their, route last Wednesday when they. Drove across an overpass and saw a guy about to. Jump their names Jason Gable and Kwami Anderson they saw. The guy he'd. Already climbed over big fence so you had to do was let go and fall but Jason stopped the truck Kwami ran over and started. Talking to the, guy kept talking to him for about an hour even after the cops got there now, you says remembered some Hosh hostage negotiator, tactics when he saw Denzel Washington in the movie inside man Now that's how he. Was able to, establish a report with the guy and keep them from jumping guy still wouldn't come down Then classroom if. You wanted to have a beer with them when the guy said yes Kwami ram truck grabbed a twelve pack of course light and that's when he finally got the guy to climb back over the fence in a radio station in Saint Paul talk to Kwami. And Jason later that? Day. And good. Job for. Them because they rewarded him with free tickets to something like ten, different concerts how cool is that great it's great all right according to TD. TD, Ameritrade they did a stir study and says you can predict how much someone's gonna make by their favorite type of music Get this if you're a fan of classical music Make an average. Of one. Hundred and fourteen thousand dollars a year.

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