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Abdel rahman's mother was supposed to be a been sounds favorite of his 22 wives and he liked has so much that he married had twice because he married when she was thirteen and then they go devos she got a little bit long in the tooth to his fifth dana something so he got a divorce and she went off and married the guy's brother and then uh even sowed sought signing up his sisterinlaw and thinking you know she wasn't so bad after all i know she's walked fifteen sixteen now abedee so he made his brother divorced and remarried her so she was generally believed to be among the favorite of his top twenty two wives and this was one of the seven sons that she bore him who died this she and they were unknown in saudi arabia's the magnificent seven and chill so gave him seven daughters and then known as like the seven blackout patten's standing over in the cotton they mccormick has you know you can't do that uh they they don't get such a good deal so a when you hit will these stories about all the reforms in saudi arabia a bear in mind where they're coming from because when they do these um you know these ancestry dot com tests way you send in d n dna in everything and they tell you we've got little you got two percent native american and four percent swedish it's all a bit a lot more simba if you're a member of the saudi royal family because if you send in your dna transistory dot com they generally say you'll like fifty eight percent first cousin and forty two percent uncle let's how the dna tests go in the saudi royal family anyway uh he died the shia tears always like that around this.

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