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Well, shame on him for having the nerve to put Trevor Hoffman in the same sentence. Very should be happy. The same hall of fame. Why are we blaming the players? It's the sports writers that have done. This Ken Griffey should have been unanimous. He's the most recent guy that should have been anonymous top Seaver Willie Mays. I mean now be upset that Mariane rare is the first one now there should be more run. Okay. With Rivera's postseason communique be more. Humans have walked on the moon than have scored on Marian Rivera in the postseason. We'll let that be the last word in this discussion. That's that's more broader Edgar Martinez. The generation is now getting into the hall of fame and ROY halladay and Mike sina pitcher's getting in over per chilly. About right here in Boston. Curt Schilling at a huge part of his career in Boston. Some of the most recognizable moments in the history of the game. And schilling is not being enshrined this year. How does that sit with you? It's always aggravates me vote for him every year. There are two there's two ways to look at it as why someone wouldn't vote for him one. Is that you honestly, don't think is credentials are good enough. And to you our problem, you have a problem with his politics. I truly hope no one is voting against him. By that reason? But I I'm guessing at least one person out there is that's wrong. The other one I don't get it. I don't know. How people can't see he's he's he is an absolute no brainer for me. Curt Schilling should be in the hall of fame. Tim Keller show. With bob. And I can't imagine that there aren't some voters. I really don't think there's that many. But there's gotta be a few that are not voting for him because of the stances he's taken and things he said and done since his playing career was over which has nothing to do with whether or not he was a hall of fame pitcher, and I can't get past that that postseason eleven to record a whip below one. Just all the great games. Not just for Boston got Zona a World Series over that Yankee team that everybody thought was so unbeatable in the World Series. So schilling should be in there. Now with these guys having moved on his chances next year. Let me ask you to yet. One start. It's going to be how is it going to be Masino? You're going be chilly. It's not going to be Messina. He's third out of that group for me. It's going to be between schilling and all day and if it's opposed season. Gimme. You know, what I'll tell you how I mean. Those young perfect game his performances in the postseason as well awfully strong. And you look at the winds overall how he dominated his his generation as a pitcher. But I think everyone here is touched on something, you know, much of this is really less of a referendum on the players themselves. Then it is the media and how we judge people in design with them in. And that's what really needs to get. Right. Okay. So then to answer the question that was raised by Bob, and Tim, do you believe shillings politics is keeping him out of the hall of fame? I'm sure there's some people that that feel that way. But you know, what I also think that sooner or later in sooner more than later, he's going to get in because more more people are changing in terms of the pool of ballots out there, and analytics are becoming so much more fun question to you guys you believe shillings post career is factoring. Whether he gets into the hall of fame or not I think we'd be naive to think that aren't some voters that aren't factoring that in. I would say this in defense of Mike seen tune it seventy wins. That's fifty four more than Curt Schilling. But in my book when I think hall of fame between the two of them, I think of cart schilling four and one in the World Series. He was outstanding in the postseason with Philadelphia. Also with Boston the bloody sock game with Arizona beating the Anki. Curt Schilling is a hall of fame pitcher, and you mentioned those guys who want a big start. I'm taking Kurt. I think you've all greed that the post career should not factor into his regular career, Bob you said to yourself when you were bringing Marian Rivera..

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