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They had a cow in their backseat. That's kind of a wisconsin thing. It's a fucking cow in. Your car is naive sedan. It's not even like a was the best part about wisconsin. The fact that is so far away. That's not that far away. General wisconsin is add on the. Yeah it's after minnesota for minnesota by me before minnesota. Oh mike okay. I feel really bad to talk cossiga. It goes hold on. Hold on hold on. Hold on. Hold on pause in. Nia echoes indiana. Where's michigan at in relation above us. Yeah circles indiana illinois wisconsin. Or you could go. Michigan water wisconsin. I mean he could do that. I just go off of when we drove to minnesota from ohio. When did you do that when i was fourteen. Doing out there mall america. Oh i have no interest in doing. Oh no straight up. All i got america has no interest to me. It was it was fun because it was like we. We you know it was like a road trip. we stopped in chicago. Road trips are super overrated. Yes true or false no russian. Oh yeah pulled wash or road. Trips are road trips over rated. Yes although i kind of wished to do a road trip as long as i'm not driving at aw yeah i dream of not having to drive anywhere. You wanna succeeding in the car being chauffeured around. Yes yes professional driver. Well the by anybody. That's not my wife. shut up. I be like that dude. I followed you onto the freeway. The other no my god and i was like forty five. What does this bitch do up and eventually eventually took you forever. I got there. Oh my gosh people get frustrated with you. I could see getting with me. Anybody everybody your your husband was for one. I was like well. This girl's speed the hell the fuck people must think. I'm a horrible person because you never point out my my good qualities. That's not true ed's very true. Oh that's not sure you have so many acquired. I don't though not to constantly point out my absolutely you. Ju i do. But that's part of the pie. You're a terrible driver. You're a terrible mother to our pets. What am. I said that cats hate you. Well cats do hate you know cats. They macarthur likes you. Lucky kinda likes gares loved me k. Garris loved you but did he loved you. The most yes. Can you probably did love you. The mouse.

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