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I I'm not sure what's happening on this program. Tomorrow. I can't recall I should have looked. But anyway, I'm sure it's going to be something quite nice coming up a little bit later on as well. We've got some more buckets discussion we talked about bucket number one today a bucket number two. We'll be sometime next week the time value of money. That's another fun thing. The time value of money that'll be next Tuesday. Lifetime income coming up on Monday tax brackets. We'll be talking about that marginal versus average and why it's important to understand. The difference between the two. Tax management is a big thing. And for some reason, I don't hear that discussed a whole lot online. When you talk about, you know, people often talk about getting to your retirement number and then distributing it in a certain manner. A lot of that stuff. You know, you should have these products or that products? I just don't hear a whole lot about tax management. When I read, you know, about retirement strategies, online sometimes it's brought up in brief. But for the most part, they don't talk about. So we will talk about that coming up next week on this program Email roundup coming up this Friday as well. Okay. Again. Eight seven seven planner. Let's see we have some trivia for today. Let's get to this one Congressional Budget Office. They're always, correct. In every single instance every time they make a ten year projection or so they are right on the Monday. It's kind of useless to make a tenure prediction. It's like trying to make a twelve month. Weather weather forecast..

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