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What upset back fam- on this episode of the snap exports presented by underdog fantasy that felt so good to say we talk about the nba injury bug and a lot of talk about the playing game. Is it fair. is it unfair. Julian edelman retires. We discuss the best underdogs in sports history with an ode to him. Of course tick pick. Are you going to a game soon. We find out from eben. Jack and then the cap of the week does it. Belong to aunt will talk about that and then the greatest duo to ever exist. Would it be shaquille. O'neal and michael jordan now back fan. New app raven select lamar jackson. I'm range is all all you. Every chanson the brian. What them coach. Jack sediment join me today as always mycosa longtime best friend. Eight grant off eib. What is on your mind to the mod stuff on my mind today. First off the bat so tump dates only eleven fifty four in the morning almost noon. I've already poop three times today. We don't have to get into the details of why what's going on with my bowels. But just something to keep an eye out for moving forward. That's one into i. Love ben simmons right. Like i've always like even dating back like a year or two ago. I was obviously wrong. But i said when faced with the question when everyone will try and break up. Joel ben would i trade i and i always said i would trade joel i because at that point he was a fat lazy shit and not check but then my guy shut. Shut your mouth. I don't know if you've seen but then simmons is wildly politically campaigning for the defensive player of the year award Should he be the defensive player of the year. i think he should. What do you think he. I don't think so. Yeah go there. I go go. There really are anyway. My point is when. Anthony davis got hurt. Vandal was a little late to update their lines. So i got a good value. Play on rudy. Go bare and you know what i ever willingly bet on. A guy like rudy go mayor absolutely not but i i'm a numbers guy so the numbers and i just took it at a street value and ben is just campaigning on the streets for defensive player of the year and i feel like it's actually that kind of award where like writers don't really know much about it. They just like kind of political in that respect. So i think the more ben runs mouth the better chance. He has which is kind of annoying for me. Yeah it's it's a narrative award. It always has been at defensive. I really would give it to go bear. why yeah. He's anchoring the best defense not the best values are. He's worth four best defense on the best team in the league right now and annecy yeah. Spineless ben is anchoring the second best team but also in the second one thing one thing very interesting that i don't think people get enough credit for utah. Maybe as like actually. Don't think the guys around gobert are fairly good defensive players like you have teas you haven't been you. You actually have a lot of good defensive players in utah. Like spy does not lockdown bogdonovich. Ingles aren't locked down conley's solid but he's he's getting older so and also lose. My title is head of winning Abe made the fan march you to on winning. Gave made the vandal. That pre underdog days. So we're right now but that's fine that's we can sell But yeah i mean the one bar that ben dropped which was the forty two draw and he's not a score like okay. You didn't have to drop that but it also like zone. The isn't a degree. Which is like ben be self. He said apparently. So scott it. Yeah and just a self-aware self-aware in making fun of himself and knowing the limitations to his game jack that's all we do for fifty minutes twice a week is make fun of each other or what are you. What are you putting pen down Yeah no one really cares about the awards so i hope you win not me too thanks. Nba injuries god. Jamal murray I'm not gonna say anything crazy but Dan that was tough and for people. Who thought steph curry was celebrating like. That's just and even see that he walked off and like did like like like the nervous laugh type of thing he knew enough So like don't be weird But mba injuries. We're we ve been talking. Also let's just get out of the way. Tough love for the nuggets. But like they're done guys. Don't look and be like well. Gordon and gary like. I heard shack last night. Like gordon is gonna get more touches. Yeah i think that's the issue is right. There got he got more touches on orlando so yeah taught really tough for the matt are for the nuggets. So can we go back to our original in that if you think any team that doesn't play in the staple center is coming out of the west. You're absolutely moronic. Yeah so last. Night jack nra. I'm with you last night. Candace parker who i mean. She shuts d. Wade shy bodies. Everyone on that set the first time in a long time that i actually saw not even really a take just a question remark. That was kind of silly she asked you wave. Delay way was like. Yeah when lebron and a deer back and the lakers four and three on the.

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