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Have withdrawn from the upcoming they have some call the national women's soccer league challenge Cup six players and four staffers test apostasy on Taliban yeah so they announce that six days before they were supposed to play on Sunday against the Chicago red stars they're out right there out now here's the problem is all ten guys all ten after some players were a symptomatic when they tested positive so there you go all right that's that's the deal that's number three sports story number two finally something uplifting incredible scene at Talladega superspeedway on Monday a day after NASCAR in the country was rocked by the news that a noose was found in the garage of bubble Wallace the circuits only black driver NASCAR responded with a stirring show of unity on Monday as Bubba Wallace's car was moved to the front of the pack enjoyed by all thirty nine other drivers and their crews in a March down pit road they push the number forty three car to the front of the line as a gesture of solidarity after that news was found when they reach the front line Bubba Wallace climbed out of his car and was overcome with emotion his car owner Richard Petty was right next to me eighty two years young and he gave he said I want to have their name out there what a great what a great he once said he wanted to be there so he was enraged by the news that it happened his driver bubbles because on to finish fourteenth I ran out of gas but he did go afterwards a group of fans came from Atlanta said they've never.

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