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The field and when i watched those two guys i have come to a conclusion they're both phenomenal players like good on you milwaukee for having yana sanchetacumbo because he's really good and you're going to be really happy with them and tell like paul clearly uh predicted on the show yesterday that he would go to a bigger market as soon as his deal is up so enjoy while you can we kind of went through the same thing with carmelo anthony um so he's a fantastic player i'm not trying to put down onto sikumbuzo inside went and take them on my team yesterday 'cause i would i absolutely would but there the difference between those two guys and a big difference in the nba the difference between carrying your team an whiff teeing your team onto kubo carries the milwaukee bucks at times i actually most times there are not necessarily an inferior teen to the nuggets i think for the i would take them in a sevengame series and you take them obviously last night but they have eric bledsoe they have jabari parker they have thon maker they have good basketball players the nuggets aren't heads and shoulders above the milwaukee bucks but what onto takubo does is he carries the team on his back which is valuable again carmelo's go ended carmelo anthony carmelo anthony did that for the nuggets his first few years in the league and tell they started adding other pieces to try and help him and even then it could be argued that he had been carrying the nuggets the entire time he was in denver so onto to kubo can do that in that is valuable and not many guys can do that nicole a yokich by the way that he places style of play he lifts everyone up around him he puts everyone else in a better position everyone else is in a better.

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