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Mine pro bowls of defensive rookie of the year defensive player of the year in two thousand nine q imagine how history would have been different. If the tuck rule play when he sacked on brady stood as many people thought it should have. It would have delayed the start of the patriots dynastic. Run and it would've helped the raiders. Perhaps go on to a super bowl charles. Woodson was believable. Tom floors to coach the raiders and seahawks man who has four super bowl rings. Incredible to think about that. He and mike ditka are the only people in nfl history who have been super bowl winners as players. Assistant coaches and head coaches. Dick is now tom. Flores will go in and bill nunn a name that might not be familiar to many people but he started his career with the steelers. As a part time scout he became the first evaluator league. History to show an nfl franchise. The long term value of scouting players at black colleges and universities. Guy was incredible ahead of his time. Just a tremendous. Nfl contributor and now bill nunn goes into the pro football team but of course john lynch demand we mentioned the man who is the guest on the podcast. This week played in tampa from nineteen ninety three to two thousand three played in denver from two thousand four to two thousand seven. He was a nine time. Pro bowl player. A two-time first team all pro selection a super bowl winner a former great baseball prospect and people will talk about that today. John lynch will look back on what could have been a tremendous baseball career as well as looking ahead to the season ahead without further. Ado my friend. my colleague. the great john lynch. We'll get back to the podcast and just a moment but first commercial support for this. Podcast is provided by better help online therapy as we begin to see the light at the end of the covert tunnel a lot of people are still.

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