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The receiver to kind of recover because information intelligence because when it wasn't enough to six and one hundred thirty later the eyes because Friday was your first day chemo what that whole process was like I was very fortunate to have a room if you get a really great yeah you get a TV but it's only local news yeah so it's not like you're watching Bravo like John would be like wheres my bra by the way not only am I going to be big old ball the over here but I'm not gonna have any browse so you're going to be able to tell my expression like I would be looking at you just completely bald no eyebrows no eyelashes that movie powder that's one to look like and then you know they say all my friends are like okay start using what T. start I go yeah yeah I'm totally on it I'm on the so you got over the call chemicals for hours of my day yeah but see my hair like that shake my head I'm employed the browser I cut my market in little strip all have sweet of you yeah you know you can Lucille Ball lover with John Phillips in Julian barberry morning six to ten eighty seven ninety day ABC from the Hollywood Bowl the center right eight seven nine K. see Joseph Phillips officer with us his book is a Skid Row cop story stepping across the line and don't take a.

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