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Difference. They're gonna take John Hickson stricklin. Absolutely, no breaking out Halloween coming out there and saying we're just we're going to impose our will. But map, the caller was absolutely right. The you know this. This was a run for this is a pass first offense, not a run. First offense you pass to maybe set up the run in the past. It's always been you run to set up the pass to be able to make that happen or offensive lineman. If you look at them, they're all they're all bowed as they line up at the line of scrimmage with the tackles cheating back enough that they don't get a penalty for being in the backfield. So they're already on their he'll write their number one goal is to protect Wayne hassle question. It's not to open holes, Mike Weber, and I think we can argue that they've done a pretty good. They have they have are this season. In terms of protecting the quarterback number of sacks. Now, there have been some holding calls along the way, but you would expect that if you're going to throw the ball forty times a game or God forbid seventy three times in a game. I mean, that's just stupid. But to change your mentality. And your footwork and everything else to convert to run, and what you can't do matter. Here's the tendencies you watch real closely the Ohio State offensive line, and you'll you'll know what I mean about this Bo tackles are back a little bit behind the guards. Right. If it's a running play. They don't want to have that Keith step. They wanna be up a little bit. But here's the problem defenses can read that tendency, there's some guys that could tell if you're you know, you're in a three point stance. Is there pressure your knuckles turning red 'cause you're leaning on him? And you're coming at me or are they kinda white because I'm leaning back a little bit, and I'm gonna pass protect you can't give up the tendencies that are there. That's that's really hard. So, you know, while they're not up on the line of scrimmage. It's it's kind of hard to fake what you're gonna do. All right. When we come back. We're gonna go back out into the crowd gets some more questions..

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