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Of them make under cars and vandal aero's i think you can start racing in banda aware that the age of eight allegience cars you could start racing at the age of 12 uh thunder cars might be a little bit older than that uh they're not full scale uh race cars they're they're smaller scale replicas but uh but they're pretty quick their fast again number a number of guys got their start their you know kurt and kyle busch both came up through the legends program uh david reagan came up through the legends program there's a number of these younger drivers uh that are coming up now through ask carr who probably started outracing some legends either the bubble wallace's the ryan blaine these people like that so it's a great feeder ground for young people to kind of break break into racing get started in racing but it's also a type of racing that if it's going to be your saturday night hobby you can do that as well i mean we've got men out here and their 50s and probably even some in their sixties that race in alleging scars to you don't want to do that but you wanna just have that once in a lifetime experience you can do that as well talk what about you know this whole nascar racing experience it's incredible or your i mean we've got a number bribed experience obviously the now and experience with this kind of the uh the the richard petty driving experience of old people in our superspeedway uh they're out here probably two hundred two hundred fifty days a year now we got other driving schools that are on track almost every day of the year the exotics racing program and the dream racing program so if you want to drive a race car and you want to drive past almost any day that you come out to las vegas motor speedway other than maybe the weeks of our nascar event you can kinda get your need for speed taking care of just motley vice president of public relations for the las vegas motor speedway in just a moment we're listening to stephen matched the macos still when you go to las vegas you have to know which.

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