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Well my blog is focused on free dollars you think general when i started it there was not a whole lot of information available online at that point what i could find with mostly about peanut allergies so even though my child had has peanut allergies i wanted to focus on all allergies because we all face fifteen danger that is potentially lifethreatening reactions in the nfl axis it's the same danger no matter whether you have a dairy allergy or soy or peanut or selfish so i try to focus on i've tried to focus more on positive aspects rather than through dwelling on this the fear aspect and then the negatives and the restrictions i started out sharing as many allergy friendly products that they could not years have gone on there have been more and more people with fog then more and more blogs on the subject and i'm focusing more exclusively on consumers who are managing food allergies both parents in an adult to have food allergies and i also have the the pfister blogging that's my second blog which focuses on accommodations that baseball games for mostly peanut allergy sufferers since we have peanuts in baseball kind of go hand in hand what do parents need to know if they suspect the child has a food allergy what's the first step first thing to do is to get an appointment with a board certified allergist a lot of people do go to pediatrician they can test but pediatricians are not experts in allergies allergist are historically there's been a.

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