Kendall, Bulls, Levin discussed on NBA Playoffs: Cavaliers at Celtics


Can step back and block shots defensively so that's what they expect you to do at this point you know in in in in a professional game you have to be able to do a lot more than you did back when when i played if you're six foot ten six eleven i mean you look at this draft you got some days it's still break it down i haven't even made my prediction just as kendall but i'm thinking that the balls can be able to get something quality at seven or then you with the bulls is i don't know what the core is yet because we haven't seen one of floor enough like i i would say it's like done levin and marketing but i need to see them for full season to see what they can do without injury but have you taken a look at what the bulls could be looking at at seven mckell bridges from villanova if he falls that that low perhaps michael porter jr if he falls that low you never know some teams may be scared of the back issue if if if his medical don't check out as workout you know don't please teams he may fall to seven also you know and i and my of march now she said you know listen he wouldn't be surprised if the bulls took trae young you know at number seven so i think that even though they didn't get that second pick because of the coin flip was sacramento that the bullets still gonna come away with a quality player they need a small forward that's why i think the bridges fits the bill so we you know we just have to wait and see you like bridges though if you if you had your druthers at seven bridges there you like it at seven i'll take him because he's a winner to time to time national champ he can play defensively he's got a seven foot to wingspan he can shoot the three he fits the bill for for fred hoiberg system you're not of the tread on the tires with him being a junior absolutely not i don't i don't believe in that you know listen i actually i i actually appreciate the trip that's not on the tire with him because he stayed in school for three years he's immature he's ready to come in and play right now you don't have to.

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