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A may fourth come on you're better than that rob blake success next on the fan i rob gordon could even i never i point on a bill tori and then i wanna ask you a question that i wanna make a comment number one bill lawry as far as i'm concerned not at all the fan but was was the best channel managing any nhl at least in modern times that i could say nineteen started seventeen past but one of those forgotten guys agree a great guy absolute wars coliseum don different story now i wanna ask you i just i never agree with joe date i think jodi is interesting call i'll leave it at that but he made a point i would agree with him on his point you brought a little fighter didn't even i'm not gonna yell it's a little late and but i don't agree with you and i and the point that that be relievers i'm finding in the last series in houston and the yankees are still so song and i'm not a yankee fan i'm i'm actually a yankee hater i liked her socks and i'm like the mets the yankees are so good right now and they haven't even hit avenue even hit all cylinders they are absolutely so well built and they do all the great bullpen but what the problem and major league baseball is.

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