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Harrison, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge discussed on 10 10 WINS 24 Hour News


Delancey street which is just south of Harrison nonetheless the FTL drives a big mess both ways in over near the between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan bridge to sew a spot to a stay away from trouble also there's a lot of multiple closures in midtown manis Avenue in the fifties Fifth Avenue in the fifty six Avenue in the thirties and fifties or spots to avoid them we go over to Brooklyn look so we have an accident on the B. Q. E. this east bound up by let's see right around the cabin plaza right near the Brooklyn Bridge exit delays to go back to Atlantic Avenue at this point and the crash in the Bronx finally gonna some practice of things getting better on the break in the cross Bronx is free and clear end to end and here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels I check out of the jam cam of the GW basins are okay no troubles to either level looking good no delays at the Lincoln and Holland tunnels okay to see something on the roads including protesters that he let us know a four four five two six and ten A. four four jam ten ten I'm Jeff Jensen next boy nine twenty one and ten ten wins what's next time nine twelve now the ten ten wins accu weather forty forecasters Brian Thompson although we have another comfortable night on tap for the under a partly to mostly.

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