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Never said orange. I never said orange. You really hit the short lived thing that you said so many things in short lived is what she went off. Had in my mind i was thinking of equality which is an australian mammal that lives for about a year. Okay but what a year. I mean and it's only a live for a year but the female calls no. It's only around for year this so they re. He's got like a bad boy reputation. He's like james dean they know and so he gets a lot of action hits and quits it pretty much. Yeah right so it's really cool. You should look it up and see what it looks like sometime. Yes wanna do that for me. I don't look things up. Well how do you spell that q. U. l. q. You oh l. That's what i want. I want to be a species of kwol. Guide me it. Oh god let me check it out and take a look at this all here. it's not cute. You know what i want to say. It is an exotic rat the a rat. It looks like i'm telling you what it looks like. Does that mean it as a pouch. If it's emerge soup heal yes okay. Look at me out. Yeah so it's it. Looks like a rat. That's traveled a lot in europe has family money and has a fanny. Pack e pout. That's what the quote looks like. And you know what we have to name a coal after me brian. th. That's what i want i want. I want the call. What does it only live for year. It right a motorcycle. What is it. What's the problem with a professor about this. And i had these same questions and i'm not entirely sure if i got the answer or if i just don't remember but love your honesty. Professor told me he either. I don't know. I don't think i was listening. We were on a camping trip and he studies spotted qualls in australia and one of the shortest life spans of any mammal. So i think they just they get what they need done quickly. Yes efficient. yeah that's a and people were were saying to me. Hey conan i want to. Hey i got a year. I got a year. No i'm not no. I'm not going to tell you which court board i prefer. Yeah that's your decision. I don't have time for this. Yeah what would you be. You like working on your novel. No you just you said it yourself hit it and quit and all the time all your life to the edge. I would be traveling constantly. Many drugs man. It's only a year but what a year we'll You're an inspiration to me. And i'll tell you why because you're young and smart and you seem like a cool person and you're using your mind and those are all things. It impressed me a great deal. So and i think you're going to get a call named after me. Maybe maybe to say it's kind of hard to find new mammals these days me about. I'll try just like tell me about it. Hard to find your mammals. Tell me about it. count and you're looking for mammals. I'm in the bars all the time. I can't meet a decent new mammal. Y- brennan you've pretty much promised me you're going to find a new species of quo that has not been named yet and you got to give me the latin equivalent of conan. Whatever that would be. Okay sam. i mean soon in this coun- conan this. I don't know don't make supposed to of the. I know they have to have two parts but it has be like conan. He we gotta figure this out. We got an conus braying. Let's let's us ryan part. I guess giving my sort have the same name. Twice gorilla gorilla is signed over guerrilla conus conan konan-konan. It gets the name out twice. It's good for marketing. Doesn't sound like a latin name. Spews me we decided. Okay you going down konia and gloomy and that's no you said you didn't like it to rhyme with penis so i just kept going with that. Well guess what brennan we're out of time. Sonal is really getting last nerve. I really liked talking to you and best of luck. And where are you right now as we lewisville colorado over a cool all right. How's the weather there outside boulder man. It's like ninety something right now. Brenna a true joy and a pleasure. Thank you very much for joining us. Well thanks for having me. I just wanted to thank you. When i was in the bunia mountains. I had to do a lot of work just in the field by myself. And i started listening to podcasts and it brought me a lot of joy it was you and arcade fire got through twenty twenty. So oh hey. I'm in good company. I love arcade fire. I love if anyone from arcade. Fire's will stay just now. I love you okay. But sort of more a little more conan than arcade fire. Well.

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