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But he's gone a little too, John wick for me. You know, I'm gonna bench him. I'm gonna bench him. I liked it. He still he's still got. He's a violent guy, obviously. And. Mock Shen, I just I don't know. I feel like the Turks visiting you cut. It might be time for him to to go somewhere next one for people in a few minutes. We have left here weirdest. Mark Walberg quirk. Waking up to thirty in the morning showering twice a day or the daily crowd chamber recovery. Start bench cut, which do I cut. I mean, I just love anyone that gets up at two thirty in the morning. I get up. I don't get up that early. But I'm a big. I'm a big believer in early rising so marketing up to thirty I respect I'm gonna keep that. And I'm definitely going to cut the Kreil. I don't think cry does anything I had a house. I go skiing all the time. If I want Kreil, and it's horrible. How cold it is up there in Montana, and it doesn't I don't feel better. I get Kreil every time I opened my door in Montana. People like all I'm going to get cry on covering first of all what are you recovering from really do really recovery. This buzzword that's going around now recovery. And so you cut that of Kraus's gone. Start the wake up and showers a day isn't necessary now, and we have water problems and shortages, Mark. I would I would bench. But definitely keep the two thirty. Okay. Let's get to the last one since we have only time for one more peoper start bench Cup. The starting quarterback for the twenty thousand New York Giants, Ohio State just Wayne Haskins the Heisman Trophy winner Kawamori or ally. So we keep alive for an we draft Dwayne. Okay. We we bench him. We keep Eli who had a good year last year and Cuyler goes else. Well, okay. So you start alive benched Wayne Haskins and cut column. Yeah. All right, there you go. But we're probably getting neck falls in. I don't know if the eagles are going to war cardinals. Was in Josh Rosen. Yeah, we get I I don't know. know if they draft Murray that guy's a patriot fan over there. He wants John Josh. Yeah. To be the to be the next during Brady not there's there is no next Brady. That's you're gonna have to understand. Just get ready get I'll do respect Brian Hoyer. I'd rather have Josh that was so great. It's going to rain in Newark New England for a long time. Along with those those all real rings for guys realism brought him one short. Yeah. He brought him while he if he he now has a six, but those were really his Super Bowl rings he handed to fill in the garden. Crasnick cost. Took him off hoagies fan. Tastic is quite a man Tom Brady Baker must love that too. Right. He must've soaked all alleged having a great time. I think was great a great spot beat next year. It's a great great spot Pete. And I love having you on the show. Thanks for coming in here. And and hanging with us. I much the second. All right. So when we come back I want to check in on the Machado situation to see if he's actually in San Diego or not the latest from news update. And then Queen, sir. Say herself is here. So del tufo, no shame. No shame. Don't say that to her. Okay. Lena Haiti is in studio our number three talking about her new new movie fighting with my family. That's coming up here on the rich Eisen show. Have you checked out the big podcast with shack here podcast one? Yeah, we talked basketball. But we're a lot more than just sports moves for this lady..

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