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Overall pick in two talking by lower to the Miami Dolphins versus the number six overall pick from this draft. Justin Herbert out to the Los Angeles charges, and that's the building. That's what we're going to talk about. That's what we're going. That's going to get all the headlines and we're going to get excited about. But the reality is the Miami Dolphins have a really good defense. They also spent A ton of money in free agency and from an Anthony Lynn perspective with a team that has had leads at points at points in almost every game this year. Can they finish? This is what this is about? Yes, it's about two and Herbert because I know that's a great story line. But this is Maura about the other factors for both of these teams, and the charges. Gotta learn how to finish games. That is true. Let's keep it moving The Seattle Seahawks Los Angeles Rams should be fun. Pete Carroll dishing the praise on Jared Goff. We know him well. We've seen him play, you know throughout his career and then begin really everything he's ever done. We've been there right there at the ready. The fact that they're five and three might be the biggest question how that happened, because they're really good club. So we're gonna have a handful. We have placed a good football down there and kind of Listen, the new stadium electricity of really good performance by our guests. This is a really interesting game. Seattle looks bad against the bills. I got a little something to prove. Here. Take a look. This comes this a simple question. You're gonna ask. What's more important is that offense, Russell Wilson. Who was leading a VP conversation, or is it defense? He had two time defensive player of the year Erin Donald. On the other side, It's gonna be a class of strength versus strength, and it's going to make it really entering. Especially interesting because the division is is kind of up for grabs right now as we continue The San Francisco 40.

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