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If you need qualified medical advice please seek it out now. Let's get onto it. Welcome back to another episode of the fitness podcast. I'm sitting here with dr mark mattson. Who is an adjunct professor of neuroscience at johns hopkins university mark. I'm so glad to have you here today. This is A long overdue podcast. I've been a huge fan of your research. As a scientist you have made decades of contributions to our collective understanding of the benefits of biological stress and the supporting evolutionary theory of why almost all organisms actually need stress to thrive. There's a variety of topics that i know you to be an expert on that. I'm really excited to talk about with you today. Including your understanding the place of plant phytochemicals and our genetic responses to them from a practical and theoretical perspective your take on how the decades of caloric restriction in animals has panned out and our attempts to translate that those research findings to humans as well as intermittent fasting as a metabolic switch that has implications for overall health and particularly for brain health. So perhaps to kick things off. Maybe you could explain why humans need some biological stress. And and how maybe modern day society has made that difficult to achieve your during evolution organisms evolved in environments. That were very stressful. Even the simplest of microorganisms like bacteria where they had to be able to tolerate changes in levels of salinity in the water of.

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