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Updates the image. And then disconnects so every once in a while just plug in that thing, and then I always have a booth -able image of the current drive. I don't know of a way to do that that's called incremental backup. And I'm no way to do that on windows, but it may be some of. These other programs, although a terabyte is the company that does the drive imager that. Where I got confused image for windows. That's the one I I'll put this in the show notes image for windows from by. Yeah. What's the confusion? I called a closed software maker across. To me that I have to buy a new SST swamped the old one wall. No, no, no, no, no, no, they misunderstood. What you wanna do? You wanna plug in something on the USB or better yet thunderbolt three point? If you have it on the new laptop in external drive run some software that'll blast an image that external drive, right? Yeah. And then when you when you when you some for whatever reason say I wanna go back. I wanna go back. Take me back you'll just plug in that external hard drive run the restore and restore it. They they misunderstood what you wanted to. Kronos will absolutely do that. It's not a free one, but a Akron. Kronos makes a disc imager as well. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Great. Yeah. So the one I would look at though, I go Steve is his Mike kind of guru. It's not as expensive as krona's. It's it's called terabyte drive image. And it's forty nine ninety five. It's not expensive. That's the one I've been using like I said you can use the one in windows what you really want though in the the trick on this. Is you want it? So that if let's say, you hard drive crashes, you know, you just lose your hard drive, you'd wanna wait a plug in that external drive and without like going through the whole installation of windows. I blasted back on and this terabyte Dr Mitchell do that has a little program, you.

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