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About the big kickoff event once talk about this in the last segment marianne take us home tell us all that's going on at the retire meant party for retiree united on july thirteen okay i am sorry excited we just got confirmation that we have our newly retired our beloved sally ann roberts is going to be r m c we're excited about that she'll be part of our retirement team coming out sharing that and i also want to thank our premier sponsor absolutely we have the meyer group merrill lynch minor group in non group at merrill lynch they are maze they have been so helpful very helpful and so we're we're looking at that we're gonna they or putting on a federal a federal booze there's going to be fun food drinks you know of yep prizes excellent prices fire group it's just going to be so much fun so you know if you or if you've been retired for decades free for months for to retire come out and share the fun with his and learn all about what we're doing at united way let me ask you this what is the cost to attend this party is free i like it you can it we're suggesting you bring in a slightly worn a garment that you're retiring from that you no longer need from the workplace bring it in that we can share with our strive nola a partnership and that's it until one last time about the fashion show that is going to go on because they retire united i like the name i like reading about it all right well our retire attire fashion show it's going to have both retirees they're going to be modeling the latest and retirement fashion of course and also our participants from the strive program that i was talking about the job readiness training they're going to be kind of alternating back and forth just kind of really driving home that we are passing the torch from you know a great generation to another great generation in the workplace and i you know contributing to the amazing place that is are seven parish service area i must have missed that invitation to be a model for the i model up there in our last few minutes i'd like kathy will start with you in line will come to you next just make the pitch if someone's listening and maybe they're a little hesitant what would you say to encourage them to to go ahead and take the first step and join retire united so the first step is come out on friday july thirteenth from four to six at the fairgrounds did we mention it's free yeah so it's beverages prizes fun photo booth and just think about it it's a way to get read at some of those old vestiges of your great career.

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