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Attack machine out there. Yes, you mind stepping through here? It will go off if you have Spider attack on your person. Spider Tax smelling dog. Yeah, right. So at the end of the day, yes, there's There is a frustration and I think you have to have empathy for these players because you because for years the lead did not give a crap and then all of a sudden in the middle of the season. Coming off a pandemic shortened season where they didn't get their innings in Now you're asking them to make an adjustment on the fly. Once again. It's they're trying to make the players look bad. Yeah, I don't think that's a great way to run your business. No agree. Well, here is the last word from Rob Manfred. I understand there's a history of foreign substances being used on the ball. But what we are seeing today is objectively far different. I believe there is truth in that. But I think, Chris you what you just mentioned is the overarching point. This is a chance for Major League baseball to use a bat. And see if they can hammer the union over the head and see if we can get away with maybe cause some dissension because mucking up that union it seems to have been baseball's priority for a long, long time. Hey, man, Good luck with the with the podcast end. How about media? I really like to work. That that's done over there. Just the deliberating and given us the inside sounds of baseball. I think it is a great tool to really get into the game, you know, And it's not surprising that has done outside of Major League baseball. So just want to give your big ups on that. It's a good outfit over there, man. I'm glad you're with them well. We appreciate it. It's a ton of fun. And I always say this is that we're kind of You can decide, however you feel about sports and but We kind of give you like the truth like you guys can decide how you feel about it, but you're going to hear from the players. And if we do that, then we've done a good job, so we appreciated him. We'll be listening, my man, be well and let's get a chance to talk. You guys as well quickly possible, Take care. All right, Chris rose. We appreciate his time. I will give you the Giants lineup in just the second, and we'll also talk.

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