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ABC news I'm Richard cancer then from says he'll unveil his Middle East peace plan today alongside Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu the president greeting Israel's prime minister Netanyahu at the White House saying everyone will be happy with his Israeli Palestinian peace plan that's a plan that baby and his opponent I must say have to like very much but the Palestinian prime minister is condemning the president from leaving him out of the process and accusing Mr trump of trying to finish off the Palestinian cause Andy field ABC news Washington with Israel's parliament about to debate the corruption case against Netanyahu the Israeli leader's office announced he was withdrawing his request for immunity from prosecution on the investigation into the southern California helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant and eight others there was no black box on board so there will be no quick answers the NTSB says it will take time to figure out why the helicopter hit this hillside the NTSB is Jennifer Harman date will look at the airframe instruments wreckage C. configuration and flight controls now the NTSB is asking for help from the public wanting pictures of the weather here on Sunday morning they could give investigators and idea of conditions a chopper was flying in Alex stone ABC news Calabasas California trying to getting as many Americans as possible out of China's coronavirus quarantines only U. S. charter jetliner bring more than two hundred back to the states it arrives in the Los Angeles area early Wednesday they'll be quarantined at least three days American Doug Peres refused to leave his Chinese girlfriend in Wuhan he's now stuck there things are looking really bad and they're they're they still look back and especially this really actually does worry me jittery investors drove the Dow four hundred fifty points lower on Monday Asian shares slid in Tuesday trading you're listening to ABC news five oh two now in use radio six ten WTVN the traffic and weather every ten minutes mornings and afternoons on news radio six ten WTVN big problems on the north side this morning getting the latest for Johnny hill as I two seventy east bound is closed between the US twenty three working to Delaware accident I seventy one on what is being reported as a fatal accident that from our partners at ABC six if you're traveling eastbound on I two seventy east or get off at three fifteen take it south bound down to six seventy east to seventy wanted back north bound up to up to two seven York take six seventy east all the way out to two seventy by the airport for those on twenty three or three fifteen your ramps to two seventy east are being closed as we speak so if you're trying to head east on the High Street at three fifteen good idea taken south to one sixty one or better yet twenty three north bound up to seven fifty power road had passed pullers parkway back to seventy one traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tense power my temp star classic care more traffic you can trust in minutes I'm John Hill news radio six ten WTVN your ABC six first warning weather from meteorologist interbank Michael fill the cloudy and chilly some SO four still possible today the high gets up again the thirty eight degrees cloudy another call one tonight the low twenty nine mostly cloudy tomorrow five thirty eight similar story for Thursday's well partly cloudy hi forty just a wintry mix possible late on Friday weather is powered by the basement under.

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