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History says sixty minutes rolling. Stone gives mockingbird five stars calling it a landmark production of an American classic and. NPR says. It's one one of the greatest plays in history all rise. Ed Harris Is Atticus Finch in Harper. Lee's Tequila mockingbird a new play by Aaron sorkin directed by Bartlett Sher tickets at telecharge urge dot com from the New York Times editorial board I'm Katie Kingsbury and welcome to the choice. The podcast that brings you inside the deliberations process for endorsing and at twenty two thousand presidential candidate over the past few weeks. You've heard US interview eight Democratic candidates as they race towards the primary. You've also gotten a peek into the discussions that happened. Immediately after candidates left the boardroom. Long interviews intense debate all culminate in our final decision for the endorsement. After the last Kennedy left better Tori awards set down a group and went through each candidate and argued for or against and held them up side by side. I WANNA use this time to assess ask the pros and cons of each of the candidates And then to talk a little bit more about the criteria that we're going to use in terms of trying to choose who we will endorse but let's let's just dive in. I think you know the case for Biden boils down to a couple of things the first is making the case and I think with some credibility that he is the best position candidate to beat Donald Trump and that is obviously a central issue in this election. A second point about Biden as I think that his Experience in foreign policy really sets him apart from the rest of the field. Thomas Dyer he certainly has a lot of strong feelings and he has a lot of money. That's how he got in this room. I'm and that's how he got on the debate stage. And that's I you know that makes me pretty uncomfortable But he certainly was right about a lot of his diagnoses of of the fundamental problems. But has I think been your pointed out to him and he had no good Response to is that he really embodies a lot of the fundamental problems of of of income inequality and particularly as this country has gotten there and I think he's done pretty remarkable work in California and I asked him During the interview why not Run for the Senate or for governor at least try to get some experience in government before you run for the highest office in the Land Mayor Bloomberg who obviously decided not ought to participate in the endorsement process would not come to interview his argument being that he didn't have enough to say yet. That had only put out three or four physician papers. I I tried to make the case pretty persuasively that this was an editorial board that perhaps knew him the best out of any group of opinion journalists in the country and that we would have plenty to discuss thus with him With regards to his record in New York and he decided instead to To not participate not to answer the tough questions we wanted to put him. He In many ways I think is a great American in the sense that he has really reshaped a lot of just everyday life in ways. We don't even think about just like his public health initiatives around smoking in bars and restaurants. He's actually quite liberal on many issues including guns and I think his work on that is. It's really to be applauded turning to mayor. Peed bridget which he checks a couple of the same basic boxes as Biden or possibly closure. He is comfortable talking about faith in a way that few of the candidates are combined with his military background. This gives him a little more depth. He's got some big ideas. His plans for the Supreme Court are obviously something that would take a lot of effort. It would be a heavy lift. But he's not afraid of the big ideas senator enclosure. I was really really surprised by how much I liked her She does have ambitions like he keeps saying the public option is an ambition but she's also put out one hundred billion dollar plan to tackle addiction addiction mental illness. That's the depths of despair. Question that we keep talking about like we're the only high income country in the world that has a declining life expectancy and no one's really talked about that and she has so she simultaneously put out a plan for a public option and also said. Here's another way that we're GONNA come out the health issues that are facing the country and to me. That was really appealing. Governor Governor Deval. Patrick I think he's a deeply honorable and reasonable man in an age of politics that's full of unreason and a lot of dishonor and I think you know. Oh He's a great governor of Massachusetts and he definitely sort of has the best interests of the nation at heart but just hasn't sort of done the work to get up to speed in a campaign. Where if if the most important thing is beating Donald Trump he's polling zero and his campaign website is on the third page of search results Yang Yang Gang? Part of what he has going for him is that that he's very self aware and knows that like he's coming into this with not really any experience and he talked about how he would definitely definitely want someone with more experience as BP. I also appreciate that. He seems to understanding away. That like style didn't seem to and even the fuel the other cancer didn't seem to of what like the average American needs and wants right now and I agree with that you should. I really appreciated that. He set priorities and said this is why. Oh you can't tackle climate change I because I think that's something that we struggled to get any of the candidates to do whenever we ask them about that. The question you were asking them was like that's going to be their priority and then in the next breath they I would say. Oh no that's going to be their priority and I really appreciated that. He said like articulated in one sentence why you wouldn't go after climate change. I like nobody else can do that. Moving onto senator sanders so for Sanders. The answers were higher. Minimum wage stronger unions breaking up and regulating banks again. Fighting corporate concentration concentration creating a healthcare system like they had in countries around the world providing free public education and taking drastic action on climate change and finally. I think we talked about foreign policy. I think the world would probably be better off. He'd been running foreign policy for the last thirty years or so. Should we talk about senator warn warn. She's a fighter in particular for you know the people who need to fighting for the most moral compass I think is pointed in the right direction. She absolutely oozes incompetence she's very very smart. She's done things she was responsible for the PB which is a really big deal. Among among among other things she understand government she understands regulation. I think this is a really good moment to stop and pause for a second and just have a longer conversation tation around what we should be thinking about as we continue the conversation in terms of what we want you to my mind. We entered this process with five points that we had laid out to consider one of which is can this person win the Democratic nomination and beat Donald Trump who's platform and record or the most consistent stint with the boards values who can be the most effective president in today's polarized political climate whose temperament and character are best suited to the demands of the presidency residency and who will help us recover the most swiftly from the trauma of the trump era and I think those five points actually color a lot of the conversations that we've had Already already and so I just wanted to remind us so that we can make sure where we're taking those into consideration. Does that list seemed good. Is there anything we should be adding to it anything that we were missing there. I do look at the sort of the depth of the moment. I've said this in probably every one of those like what did you think meetings but it just if it feels like. There's there's something to harness and it feels like it's very easy for these discussions to get routed around this this notion of well. This is how people are and we just have to like. We have to kind of whittled away a president out of all of these different poll numbers until we have this person because the stakes are so high. What I'm hearing out there is that this may be the most important endorsement? The Times will make in the long time simply because so many people are confused. What's gone wrong? What's gone off the tracks? What are we? What's our democracy where we headed in? So they're looking very much not only for who we endorse. But how we we.

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