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So they gave after they gave central africa double middle fingers and said fine will leave but you'll regret it you want us back and they re invaded in the nineteenth nineteen sixty and that's the famous line and billy joel of belgians in the congo because the belgians left and then they re invaded congo in order to run it again the british will do the same thing in the suez the british and the french cook with the israelis and say egypt is kicking us out against out of the suez canal well f them we're going to we're going to go back in and we're going to run the show we're not done yet and in both cases the united states got involved and said get out get out we don't want you in africa anymore and belgian and britain france were too poor to defy the united states they needed the united states more than they needed the empire until he left but this is the world that we have today this is the world that i inherited a you have inherited that our grandparents and great grandparents gave us they had the chance to completely scramble the map would have been messy but they had the chance to create lots of countries based on ethnic nationalities just like your was and they didn't they continued created new countries that completely reinforced the economic systems that helped europe so that we still live in a world affected by imperialism affected by colonization we still are affected by that world and so when people go oh africa's so unstable those africans and then they throw in some racist stuff they can't run themselves they're uncivilized it's like no man they haven't had a chance to make their country yet they're figuring it out now that's what's going on in the middle east in syria and iraq where you're having minority ethnic minorities and majorities fighting it out over what kind of country they going to have.

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