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Medicine newsroom. Up to the news right now. Steve are you ready ready? All right. We have cupcakes in here for you lovely. But first, you must do the news and WGN Chicago on the Steve Cochran show. It is thirty two degrees in Chicago on her way to Forty-five today. A Chicago alderman Ed Burke any wrongdoing after being charged with attempted extortion federal criminal complaint unsealed yesterday. Claims used his position as alderman to try to steer business to his private law firm from a company seeking to renovate a fast food restaurant in his ward. If convicted Burke faces up to twenty years in prison case comes weeks after federal agents, raided his ward and city hall offices and tapped his cellphone mayor Emanuel, signaling here displeasure with Burke has chairman of the finance committee. The mayor says he now believes it's unacceptable for Burke to continue in that role that statement issued by a top of manual aid after a thirty seven page criminal complaint against Burke was released to the public in it. Prosecutors accused of using political power to solicit business for his private law firm. Brooks charged with attempted extortion. He has surrendered his passport and Twenty-three firearms. He's out on bail. Vic Vaughn WGN. The other development on this story. Just into the WGN newsroom. This morning, apparently Burke has resigned now the finance committee as chairman of the finance committee, a statement from city hall mayor Emanuel says the mayor has spoken with Burke who agreed. It was the best course of action for him to resign as chairman of the finance committee. The vice chairman of that committee alderman, Pat, O'Connor will assume the responsibilities of leading the important work of the committees. According to a statement from mayor Emanuel this morning, Chicago police are searching for a man who tried to kidnap a woman this week on the west side, forty say the woman was walking to the back door of her home early Tuesday in the forty five hundred block of west Wilcox street would a man pulled up in the dark blue SUV. The suspect grabbed the victim and forced her inside the vehicle where he stomped and punched her the woman fought back and was able to escape in the forty six hundred block of west. Floor annoy, the new democrat led house passed the plan yesterday to reopen. The government to find President Trump's threat to veto any Bill that does not include five billion dollars for his border wall. ABC's Mary Bruce is at Capitol Hill. Speaker of the house is wasting no time challenging President Trump to reopen. The government setting up an epic power struggle over the border wall. The president and democratic leaders are set to sit down again later this morning at the White House seventeen thousand Illinois residents could see their education debt dropped or reduced by a few thousand dollars. That's if they went to school at a school owned by the career education corporation CC on several for profit colleges in Illinois, it's agreed to wipe out four hundred ninety million dollars in school debt nationwide. And now WGN community quarters. Here's Ryan burrow. How about some nights sledding? Crystal lakes veteran's park has to sledding hills for your downhill winter adventures, the Babe Ruth hill is lighted. There's also another unlit hill south of the nature center. Crystal lake also has a toboggan hill at three oaks recreation center in the fifty five hundred block of northwest highway. But that's reserved for daylight hours. I'm Ryan burrow with community corners on WGN radio. WGN sports. Here's Dave sports is sponsored by northwestern basketball. Chicago. Those big ten team. Blackhawks went out to Long Island for the first time in a while last night to play the islanders. It was a tight game all the way despite New York outshooting the Blackhawks fifty to twenty one. But devante scored at the one forty eight Mark of overtime to give the islanders three to win. Our xfinity Blackhawks report Dominic Cahoon scored in the first period. Patrick Kane in the third. His twenty third goal of the year, Colin Delia mbeidh twenty-seven saves most he's faced so far in four games. But the Blackhawks fall in OT there now go out to Pittsburgh for game on Sunday. Are they ready and his Mitch Trubisky ready? Those are the key questions as the bears. Get ready to face the eagles and their playoff game Sunday as for Trubisky offensive coordinator, Mark Helford says he's getting their familiarity with everybody around him and and doing a better job of of being again, whatever six by two at this landmark on time. And just just getting his eyes and feet is is and feet. Number one. That's such a big deal for any quarterback bears had all three of their injured. Receivers practicing yesterday Taylor. Gabriel alad Robinson and Anthony Miller as well as safety. Eddie jackson. Don't forget a special playoff preview tonight. Adam Hogue and company at seven here on seven hundred twenty WGN bulls made a trade last night. They said Justin holiday to Memphis for couple of players in a couple of second round picks. They also waved guard Cameron Payne to host the Pacers tonight. College hoops, Illinois, lost Indiana, seventy three sixty five the allot I playing at northwestern on Sunday. Join coach Collins in the Wildcats of the new Welsh Ryan arena where the host Illinois Sunday. Buy tickets now at a new sports dot com. The Blackhawks the Wildcats and White Sox baseball. Dave, David WGN sports. Hi, I'm.

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