Baseball, Disney, President Trump discussed on AP 24 Hour News


A lot of centers out there that never ever happens. That's an April moment in sports history. I'm Jack schmierer listening to ribbon. To congressman want major league baseball to produce documents tied to its attempt to purchase control of Twenty-one regional sports networks. They wrote to baseball Commissioner rob Manfred on Thursday, saying they're wary of anticompetitive conduct. They asked for documents on potential acquisition and operation of the regional networks, plus MLB strategies. The move comes on the heels of Disney acquiring twenty two regional sports networks as part of its seventy one billion dollar purchase of twenty first century. Fox's entertainment business last month. The Justice department said last June that Disney had to sell the networks as a condition of the deal baseball was granted an antitrust exemption in nineteen twenty two by the supreme court which ruled the sport was not interstate commerce. Congress passed a limited cut out that was signed into law in nineteen ninety making the employment of major league players subject to anti. Trust law. Radio news. Jackie quinn. The department of homeland security says despite tweets by President Trump it won't be sending immigrants to be detained in sanctuary cities. The president's had places like California keep asking for migrants to be allowed in. We'll give them more people. We can give them a lot. We can give them an.

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