Harvey Gibbs, Jack Callixte, Pflueger discussed on CBB: Oklahoma vs. Notre Dame


Notre Dame on the floor right now. With looney Harvey Gibbs. Hub. And fluker. Callixte? He will inbound to the right of the Irish coop to our right? Optimistic. Manic dumps it on over to Jamal the enemy the enemy driving down the lane. His past deflected by flu and hands up over the record strike left. Bow line extended picks up his dribble cross-court Pflueger. Key fakes drives down the lane for the finger. Roll that's up and good date back to within three twenty six twenty three quickly down the floors. Aaron prolixity prolixity now between the circles and moody knocks and away to hub back to moody all alone in the breakaway for the two handed jam in the Irish are within one twenty six twenty five eight twenty four remaining in the half. Well, I'll tell you what it's good to have John Mooney on the floor. Non foul trouble. He makes a huge difference. Jack Callixte with the basketball now to be enemy. The enemy hands it off to James James driving right side of the lane change with Pflueger on him. Almost doubled tripled. Now gets it out to Kalicki fourteen in the shot clock prolixity between the circles Callixte he throws it splits corner. PM each three in and out Buni with the rebound hands it off to hop. How will get it over the big court strikes? Hub driving left side of the lane. All the way to replace it. And Notre Dame leads for the first time and the game twenty seven twenty six seven forty five remaining first half of play change with the basketball. Step back three. No, good rebound. Cody. Now, it goes to Gibbs Gibbs over the big court strike. We've got an we've got manic is injured. It looks like they got hit in the right eye or something. And it looks like you just can't really see he's.

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