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I was the same way I felt like the only time they killed. So he somebody was when the judges turned their back on him if only, we could get some medical information about whether or not he heard someone. I mean would you think? Well as a guy who was in the movie Oh. I mean. A lot of those clubbing blows look like significant blows that should cause at least a concussion if not like some kind of. Bring Bleed. It's Kinda like going through the whole James Bond off Oliver again where if you get that hard, you're going to be real fuzzy. You're not Pacific up the back to fight. Yeah. I will say that's the thing I liked about this movie is the fights are not like in rock if you take rocky like there's a lot of punching people in the head over and over again and I mean it's berry great for dramatic purposes but in this like over real quick and now actual fights happen like arrests for minutes and minutes bite and. Bites and immediately when you fall off the tilted platform. But you know when you get punched in the face once or twice you're you're done fighting. Unless. The person what did you think? What did you guys think about how everyone bled out of their mouth like every single person who gravely ill or gravely injured bloodhound mouth I will I will say getting kicked in the side or in the grime does not equal bleeding from your mouth. But getting hit in the face often means you're gonNA bleed from your your teeth are sharp. You're inside of your mouth assault it's probably not a spitball amount of blood or a drippy amount of blood, but you'll get a little bit you brought up something really funny because I had a kid yesterday won't speaking of like growing punches and whatnot. His mom thought that he got punched in the Groin. So hard that he was choking on his own testicles no joke. That he was choking on festivals known. No that's. I mean. That that'd be impressive. Can could he do the splits? And obviously, not true. No. But the reason why he had station he couldn't breathe like sometimes we get. It's like we need up onto the stomach and got the wind knocked out of you. Same kind of thing. So the kid was kicked so hard. Or hit so hard that he just couldn't catch his breath right hoods, moms, media answer was, oh, his balls lack to scrotum went through all of the organs blocking the way into his Asakusa somehow and then Chilton. Again, I'm not a doctor. But I don't think balls zoo that they shouldn't there attached. when you have very little knowledge about something, you can be very dangerous with the conclusions that you draw. Yes. Like travel any.

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