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Right who shouldn't It, started from the jump but he had bad coach who didn't want to start it from the jump because it seems as if clay helton's about to do the same. Thing? With GT We don't have to do that right Looking at this Shawn Watson who put up nineteen touchdowns in seven games. Last year. Before he tore his ACL all right? And, I'm looking at Mitchell Trubisky. Who yes I. Get all the. Caveats I get it I understand them you. Don't have to tweet them. To, me you don't. Have to defense. Yeah I get it I get it Yeah but but, Trubisky still hasn't shown me anything okay so Colin, cowherd today on the heard. Talking with I think Kevin Clarke from the ringer and this, is the conversation they were having today and here comes the conversation about Mitch Trubisky. It's interesting. Take a lesson I remember when there? Were, in two thousand seventeen there. Were eight or. Nine quarterbacks available. And I came on the air and I. Said I don't buy Mitch. Trubisky, he couldn't start. As a junior I don't. Know how great to Sean. Is going to be I don't know if he's. Cams talent and I don't know if, like when I saw Andrew luck I was like, that's going to work the. Shawn Watson was available to Chicago And these guys available and, I remember Kevin Clark throwing her joining us I remember saying, at the time, listen Nick Sabin had. Six weeks twice and couldn't stop him Johnny Mandel got. Drafted because he had one good game and, Tuscaloosa in fact that was one good half the Shawn, Watson eight edema alive was six weeks to prepare dabble called him Michael? Jordan Sabin said since Cam best player I've seen. In college football if, to Shawn, Watson, pops is it going to. Be one of the all-time MRs by NFL teams so let's stay on that, analogy for a second if to Shawn Watson Michael Jordan Trubisky. He's got a good chance he doesn't have. To be Sam Bowie here because I just think that there's I think that, the, team, which is. The bears in general there's a lot of hype building. Around them and I think that that's because people see. The eagles model which is young quarterback offensive head coach let's surround the quarterback. With talent and see what happens but the lesson of the eagles is not those things it's to build the deepest. Roster in football and the bears don't have that. And Mitch Trubisky is not going, to, be surrounded with the guys zip Carson Wentz or Nick Foles was surrounded, by it's, not, the same so I feel. Like there could be a bit of a flop there and then after Sean, breaks out which last six games last season unbelievable if he. Breaks out then we really start talking about. That that backdraft is a massive mistake so that was the heard earlier today, Kevin, Clarke, from the. Ringer in Collin cowherd now here's the deal right like. You and I have been we've been told we are. Haters well what do you say when now national media people on the left. Coast are now with this perception of Mitch Trubisky it's not way give them some time aids You know it's it's questioning what's going on with The perception of. What Trubisky can be because they haven't seen either I don't like I feel like there's a bit of fool's gold with people thinking the bears are just. Going to automatically be able to turn it around and I think that the, other, caveat that people use. With Shawn Watson is well he's got a tornado we don't know what he's going to be like. That coming off of a tornado CEO Allen. Robinson the best bears best. Wide receiver supposedly go I haven't seen anything yet it's, also coming off? A tornado if. I'm. Not mistaken am I? Mistaken. I'm. Not mistaken right. You're. Talking to me yes okay and the haters, yeah, the, other thing that I always, hear is oh well they. Have, like we say we have top ten defense well the three guys that. Are, supposed to, get to. The quarterback are hurt yeah Akeem Hicks Leonard Floyd and now roquan Smith who left practice today with a hamstring strain and is now. Probably going to be doubtful for the season. Opener he's preparing as if he's going to play. He's preparing, as if he's going to play this Saturday which he won't. But he comes in and his exact quote is In fact before, practice Smith was. Asked about his greatest hurdle to be ready before Be, ready for re for, week one this. Is rich Campbell readiness and, roquan Smith, said just being in football shape you workout you do. All the running you, can but it's. Nothing like. Football shape and I get it he wanted his money you wanted guarantees that's fine but that's just another thing that the bears, are going to. Have to deal with when they they have no depth on defense new death whatsoever and that's what we've been saying since the season ended last year is the the difference between this team and a. Team that pops like? The Rams last year or the eagles is the teamed up you heard Kevin Clark say it like this is the one thing that I think is so funny about the NFL is people are so, obsessed with fancy football, that? They just look at the the outside in the quarterback wide receivers and. Quarterback right and if you have fancy, wide receivers and the quarterback every, teams good but if you study the advancing analytics the DV away from football outsiders the really good teams in the NFL are Tough up the middle on both the offensive side of the. Ball on the defensive? Side of the ball that's why Jacksonville top five defense became a team that could get to the AFC championship game that's why we saw the Rams from early on last year they advanced analytics showed, that the Rams were, one? Of the best teams of football the eagles one of the best teams. In football early on the Vikings one, of the best teams in football, what do all those teams have in common Deep defensive line play and they. Are good at running the ball and they can get to the quarterback defenses are deep and I don't see that what the bears no. I. Don't see it at. All because I see guys go down and then I don't. Know who's coming up after them they're like they're not they're not guys do you know. What I mean, they're just I think they are they. Are men yes they are they're just, place fillers you'll have. Death you don't have guys that you can rotate, in and out you don't have, guys that, are, going to be able to help this team. Win on defense because this, rebuild is going to take awhile absolutely I think it will I don't think it will just snap and turn this season that's. Why the listen, the number six and a half in Vegas on the win total for a. Reason this team were a better football team it would be seven and a half eight and a half they will be a higher number but. Many people even though the money looks interesting you say oh they'll go, over the six and a half they. Got new head coach you sure about that Are you sure are they deep enough as. A team to, withstand injuries injuries and still win seven. Ballgames I'm not sure if your answer, is absolutely yes then. You're telling me we've found the, quarterback of the, future because Trubisky is going to, be good, enough, to win games and I'm not sure about. That either I haven't seen, him win one yet I. Live in a high leverage situational game You couldn't do it in college couldn't win his own job and I haven't. Seen him do it for the, bears yet so in the eight o'clock hour. We will talk bears football of Corey Wootton we will. Hear from Zac Robinson from pro football focus we have a lot of football coming. Up, in the eight o'clock hour coming up next we will go to. The south side and. Go to guarantee rate we'll talk Jeff Miller, he will give us a White Sox report and we will talk some college football Abdala. From athletic maximum joins us coming up next I just got. A great Alabama update what's up with Alabama Well okay we'll get into. It when we talk for Bubba one of my pet. Peeves is not when you don't know who you're starter is an Alabama just sent. Us again you might not publicly announced starting starting qb it's going be. Too yeah it's gonna. Be to talk about we'll be the starter, hands down black up we'll be back here and talk with max Olson from the athletic, onto college football landscape coming up next on ESPN one thousand.

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