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Increased concern over exposure. Seattle attorney and food safety advocate Bill marler will appear in front of the policymakers that the CDC next month on this very issue, hoping the agency would consider recommending the hepatitis a vaccine for food service workers, a battle continues between burian and King County concerning a homeless encampment como forest Ryan Sims reports nearby residents have had enough. The city of berry and currently owns this land and insists it has the power to evict the people here, King County, though strongly disagrees to the point where it says none of its resources, including from the sheriff's office, will be used currently to help clean this place up. In this letter to the city of Iberian, King County's executive insists variant's land rights are a moot point, as long as the city doesn't first find these people housing. It's a looming battle happening right across from Matthew race, taekwondo shop. That's all we all want is just for these guys to be able to get some kind of help and be able to move forward. Yet moving forward may take a while. According to the county executive's office, any county funded housing here in burian won't be completed until next year, meaning Matthew may have to grapple with this camp for a while longer. A lot of the parents are having to drive around the block, park further away, and then use other ways to get you. We're coming to you from burying. Ryan simps, come

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