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Don't have to cover preexisting conditions it's not. Over the Trump administration Still has to reunite hundreds of children. With parents. Who were, deported during, family separations that happened earlier, this summer Dana said the Trump, administration and the ACLU need to figure out the plan, for parents and kids. Who want to seek, asylum Thursday the judge froze deportations of reunited, families and individual parents awaiting, deportation to give them more time. He also, said the Trump administration has to keep trying to, reach the. More than three hundred sixty parents were already deported there may be parents in Central. America who simply didn't understand what they were. Signing or believed that the only way for. Them to see their children wants to give up their. Own asylum claims ACLU attorney legal learnt says they have reached some of the parents who do want their kids back the judge said he was. Leaning toward reuniting the kids in the parents home country rather than having. The parents come back here. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News a thirty say shooting outside a Florida high, school football game last night had nothing to do with the school or. The game the Palm Beach county Sheriff says victims were not. Students Sam. Were targeted. Because of unspecified past dealings the two victims are recovering in a hospital, no arrests in that shooting have been made I'm Joe, Chiro FOX News Radio Told front made, slow approach into our region during the daytime, hours it will, make a gradual pass throughout the night on into Sunday and we'll see some rain opportunities scattered showers. And storms. Early keep, it mostly cloudy late. Fall back to around seventy scattered. Storms early, for Sunday and those storms come likely later, in the day we'll get up to around. Eighty stray shower thunderstorm Sunday night Mostly cloudy Monday and eighty? Two Japan, opened, Weather Channel. For talkradio.

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