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Adam smith i said that quote it's not clear that military action will improve the situation for the syrian people end quote democrat adam smith is the ranking member on the house armed services committee also in a statement republican dave reichert said quote at this moment it's essential that we take stand and quote local syrian activists also watching the developments komo's joel moreno spoke with a refugee worker whose family has suffered at the hands of the assad regime as horrible as chemical weapons are this activist says other band munitions have caused atrocities for years syria yet americans barely take notice she says she supports additional tomahawk attacks but only to force a change in leadership in her country a limited military action against the regime should be forced him back to the negotiating table for serious negotiations speaking from new york she um galleon hopefully end goal of any us lead action in syria is to force a transition of leadership and the ultimate removal of the assad regime she believes precision strikes against airfields in chemical weapons stockpiles could rattle the syrian government stranglehold on power but what she hasn't heard from president donald trump is a down range strategy to force lasting change once the strikes are over limited military action to check their power and to portion goes serious negotiations would make a difference it would actually change the story and i know a lot of people wanna see the story change in syria for the better gallion works with books not bombs it's an organization dedicated to securing scholarships at american universities for syrian war refugees let's come joel moreno reporting komo news time eleven oh four let's check aaa traffic tammy bennett are you there yes.

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