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Podcast. This is sam harris okay just a brief housekeeping to tie up some loose ends from the last podcast. I got a fair amount of pushback which to my eye rests on a misunderstanding. I'm slightly embarrassed that. I didn't see the grounds for this misunderstanding. When i recorded last podcast but it really does seem like a misunderstanding. So let me clear this up. I have gotten a fair amount of grief for my claim that the police response at the capital would not have been much different had that been a blm protests that became a siege. I was pushing back against the claim that the behavior of the cops at the capitol was a sign of white supremacy white privilege in other general racialized of the interpretation of the failure to protect the capital which was happening everywhere and from biden on down. And i stand by everything i said there but i didn't recognize that. This concept of politics response was open to two meanings and many people took it to mean something that i would call police presence rather than the behavior of the cops who were actually there. Many people allege that there simply would have been more cops. There had been a blm protest and that the fact that there weren't is a sign of racism racism because they were assuming that white people would be well behaved and they would've assumed that black people would have gone mad and attacked the capital. That's a very different claim. it's not one. I was responding to in the last podcast. I think a racial interpretation of that assumption is also unfounded. But i don't think the assumption itself has obviously wrong so let me just clarify that. I think it's quite possible that many people would have assumed that a pro trump rally would also be by default pro police. That would not have been a crazy assumption. Given all that has preceded us so therefore the the idea that maybe they don't need a massive show forced from the cops to prevent an insurrection because these people are generally pro cop maybe that factored into the decision making around how many cops should be there in the first place. That seems entirely plausible to me again. I don't know what's true there. And i don't know that there aren't other more nefarious reasons. Why there was such a week. Police presence there again. It could have been something that trump ordered. We will find out if there's any truth conspiracy there or if it's just negligence and or negligence based on bad assumptions i touch upon this topic in today's podcast with my guests. But there's no necessary racist implication from that difference in assumption. And you can see that if you just imagine what the cops would have assumed of an antique protest. Heather been the biggest antifa rally in human history magazine at the capitol. What would have been the posture of the cops. Well i would bet more as everything that it would have been every bit as risk averse as it would be in the case of a blm protests which is to say that the obvious animosity of antifa to law enforcement would have dictated exactly what people are claiming would have happened in the case of bill. Protest and this strips away a variable of race almost perfectly antifa certainly seems to be an almost entirely white phenomenon. so anyway that's a counterfactual. We just have to imagine. But i think viewing any part of this. Failure at the capital.

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