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Fiji has been hit by two tropical cyclones this year. Jasso ripped into Fiji late last week, nearly the whole island nation was braced for impact more than 95% of Fiji's people live in the direct path of the storm. Their ambassador to the United Nations. Such Chandra Prasad is with me now, Mr Ambassador. What news Have you been getting from back home? How bad has a damaged in this has been a devastating cyclone. We have possibly in the range of 2000 houses that have been fully blown away infrastructure, roads, jetties, power water. All of the crucial infrastructure is damaged and will take many, many months. Toe bring bring back on line. One of the islands does not have a single house that is left standing. The only infrastructure that is left standing is the Village church, and that's about 200 households, and they do not have access to water, And that's the story across many, many off the small islands. How bad is the covert situation in Fiji and how has the pandemic impacted recovery efforts? So Fiji it's is what we say accorded contained the country. But the price that Fiji has paid for this lockdown has been in its tourist in the street. The economic impacts of that city and potential, which is really dealt it only once in its history dealt with the cycle with this ferocity with this intensity, and second is the responding to one at a time in its own resources are just so so thin on the ground here. Yes. So it's a worrying in kind of double hit. Do you draw a direct connection? Mr Ambassador Between these storms and climate change. Have you noticed more frequent or destructive storms in your lifetime? This is a no brainer to me for two of the worst storms toe have hit the whole of the Southern Hemisphere in the last five years alone, that just can't be normal. That absolutely can't be normal. Never in our history is compared to the last 10 years or so have you seen the short space of time in with cyclones form? Intensified and supply intensify and become destructive and this truly has to do with rising sea temperatures. Absolutely, without doubt, animal the scientist with us in this assessment Despite the fact that Fiji is a low lying island nation and sea level rise threatens its entire existence. Your Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, posted this very determined and resolute statement on Facebook, with the cyclone winds starting to bear down on Fiji. Due to climate change this Tom's maybe getting stronger. But they will never be stronger. And we are Zeeland is in our bones. We will.

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