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Haunted Places


Musuem castle party to the Salzburg, which trials is haunted by the souls of those who are persecuted there. If you visit Musha castle, don't be afraid of ghostly encounters. Sometimes the dead seek validation from the living all by want is further truths to be told. Thanks for listening to haunted places. A new episode comes out every Thursday. Listen to all of par, casts podcasts on apple podcasts, Stitcher, Google play, cast box tune in or your favorite podcast directory. Many people ask copy can help the show, and if you enjoy haunted places, the best way to help is to leave a five star review where ever you listen, we'll see next week. Haunted places was created by max Cutler. It's a production of Cutler media and is part of the park cast network. It's produced by max and Ron Cutler sound designed by Ron Shapiro with production assistance by Maggie add Meyer and Carly Madden haunted places written by Candice Rogers. I'm Greg Poulsen.

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