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And that's in the message they spread the about the q hard but if you missed and through the elections before deal neck to you watch the video due received on magazine of this young man klean he did and you know have to fight through those on the couple agents who for tended to be and i just recruiting contact and not just in st you have and they are in good you know because of the tocci they captured in syria they stayed this kind of called with a perfect pick announcement of the religion that's component youth this slump and we have capture the character youth shot in our bigs that is decide to the last holding will be for judgment day about his but it is spot immobilized nation that he looked have to live through recruitment that the of it you have a group would never prepared actually in both and that's why we see nice russell's paris champ in new good so i'm going to do you know orlando because they're saying defeated the gentleman now form after the the way the recruited himself or was recruited this is typical of the way isis work that's what he was fooled by the fb_i it there is something to recommend here yet be eyes figured out how to present itself was as if it's a so i lackey and isis recruiter and is scooping up characters like this robert hester junior it says and then report says twenty years i think that's a start i don't think he can be allowed back in and the public life either but that's for law enforcement is an american citizen seven this kind of recruiting.

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